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AVATAR ME by Fix&Foxy (DK)


Suddenly you are standing in a market in the suburbs of Cape Town shopping fruits. Or you are cruising down Hollywood Boulevard on a sunny day. Or you are working late hours in a fancy, expensive hotel in Dubai. Then, someone you don’t know speaks to you and for a moment you have no idea where you are. You look down on yourself and you discover someone else’s body. You speak but it’s not your voice. You are no longer yourself, you are someone else, in a different life, in a completely different part of the world… 

With AVATAR ME you buy a personal live-performance and for an hour you live someone else’s life. The performance is a “first-person” experience where you live-stream with another person’s eyes and control the person’s actions elsewhere in the world. You will be placed in unfamiliar surroundings, meet with unknown people – maybe you make new friends and perhaps, you experience something you would never have experienced in your own life. 

In a time where we spend most of our time in isolation, where holidays abroad and travelling are but a distant dream and where encounters with the rest of the world are limited, AVATAR ME sends you on a very different and personal journey beyond borders. It is an intimate experience with the closeness and presence that you recognise from the theater and yet – something entirely different. 

The international cast is based in South Africa, Romania, Moldova, India etc. 

The show is created by Fix & Foxy in partnership with Wildtopia

Co-producer: Teater Nordkraft

Director: Tue Biering

Producer: Annette Max Hansen

Assistant: Linn Lorenzen

Coordinator: Camilla Gürtler

Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Globus – Nordic Culture Fund

How to attend this show

Upon buying your ticket, you receive a link which at the agreed time provides you with access to experience AVATAR ME on your mobile device or computer. The performance is a digital live event which takes place right where you are and somewhere else in the world, simultaneously.

Please go to your computer and watch this site – mobilsite coming soon